A Box Indied

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One of my newest passions (other than flower making) is nail polish. For practically my entire life, I have been a nail biter. On occasion, I’ve been able to restrain myself and let my nails grow (usually when I was pregnant or there was a big event approaching, like a wedding.). So when my sister said that she was getting married a year ago, I knew I had to get prepped. I was determined to have my OWN nails for the weddding. (While I do love getting acrylics put on, the upkeep is too much for me and with five kids- ain’t nobody got time for that!)

I Love polish. When I say love, I’m not just implying that I love, like I like love it. I mean that I really friggin’ LOVE and am addicted to nail polish. I see all the Instagram ladies posting their gorgeous polishes from all over the world and I just knew, I had to have those colors! (I mean, they were calling my name!) I recently came upon a website www.Llarowe.com where all those beautiful polishes from all over the world were being sold from right here in the U.S. Needless to say, like a polish fish I was caught, hook-line-and sinker.

I placed my first order and saw they had these monthly Indie boxes. While I am a small business myself, I always love supporting those who are working hard just like me! I got the box and I was NOT disappointed.


The indies are still wrapped up in the cute brown paper with their company logo stickers on them. Like christmas morning, I am going to open them slowly one at a time! I can barely contain my glee!  I also purchased some Colors by Llarowe (cbl) polishes and one Dance Legend polish. I’m excited to attempt ‘swatches’ of all these colors and share them with you! SO stay tuned!

Cheers to the day and Happy Dabbling!