…And A Dabbler Is Born.

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Sometimes boredom happens. It’s happened to me recently. I sat, and I watched YouTube videos and Instagram posts and it was like, everyone was brilliant. They were sharing their passions with others and it was so inspiring. I began to think about my life and all my passions, and I fell into a funk because I couldn’t pin down what exactly my passion was. My brother called me that day and we chatted about my dilemma. He equated it to the fact that I was  (and pretty much everyone in our family) a “Jack (or Jill in my case) of all trades”.  I do love trying new things. I may not always be fantastically amazing at them, but hey, its fun to dabble.  Like a lightening bolt of inspiration, it hit me. I wanted too, to share the trials and tribulations of my dabbling journey, hence the Dainty Dabbles Blog was born! I hope you’ll come along for the ride, cuz it’s going to be a rollercoaster of fun baby!

Now.. to decide what to do first! (Ohhhh the decisions!)