Dresser Makeover

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So, we moved into our house about a year ago. I’d been searching and searching for an entertainment stand to replace our current one, which was falling apart due to much love from the kiddos. My good friend had this beauty sitting in her front room and after deciding to redo her room, she was getting rid of it. I jumped on the chance to own it and redo it! Being the fabulous friend that she was she wouldn’t take my money stating that this was my birthday present. BONUS! (I truly have some amazing friends!) After lugging it home grinning from ear to ear, the hubs took one look at it and told me I was crazy. :S

Crazy as I am, it sat in the garage for months. :S It wasn’t that I didn’t want to be all up in the redo business, I just lacked the time. (Until this last weekend that is. I took the entire weekend for this baby. )

So, here is the before.



In starting a beast of a project like this, I suggest many many strips of sand paper and a really good sander, latex gloves (or non latex if you’r e allergic), a face mask and goggles, some good tunage and possibly a friend. (I lucked out and had my oldest son help!)

First things first, (that is after clearing a spot to work) we decided which drawers we wanted to turn into shelves and then removed the drawer runners from inside.


Then get to sanding. ( I attempted a stripper, but much to my dismay it didn’t work right. I dunno maybe it was a user error, more likely than not, but still.. disappointing.)


and sand, and sand..


and then sand some more! Then take a step back and see your progress! (Or in my case, see how much you still have yet to do! Ugh!)



(see that box? Yeah, that was my seat!)

Then eventually you’ll get it all sanded down and pretty like. (Took about 8+hours- and no we didn’t get ALL that done in one day. But Oy, my hands were sore!)  We figured it would be a good idea to make holes in the back of each shelf so that the cords could fit through, ya know, make life a little easier. Using a basic drill bit, I drilled a hole from the inside to the back so that way when I used my little ‘hole making bit’ I would know where the center was and that I wasn’t going to cut the hole into the shelf.  (Can I just say that for some odd reason.. I LOVE power tools! ha)



Then its time for staining! Weeee! (can you see my freshly cut cord holes peeking out!)


I love a good dark stain. Most of the furniture in my home is dark in color. I chose the Minwax Wood Finish Penetrating stain in Ebony. We grabbed some cotton rags and gloves and got to staining. This was a pretty quick and easy process. The stain took really well and I decided that we would only need one coat of stain to get the look i was going for. Just follow the instructions and be patient, wait the time it tells you is needed to dry before starting the polyurethane coats. I had the wipe-on poly left over from another project I did so I figured I would just use that. Two coats later (and a looooong waiting time.) and it complete!


(not the best picture, but you get the idea!) I’m so happy to have finished this project! (and pretty sure the hubs is happy to have it out of the garage now too!)

Here is a before and after:


Have you ever refinished/made over a piece of furniture? I would love to hear about your experience!

Until next time- Cheers to the day and Happy Dabbling!